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Learn From The Mistakes of Others

Follow The Positive Clues

Many times I have asked myself one of the most important questions we should all ask, but not all do. What is my purpose in this life? Upon many endeavors in life I noticed I always end up teaching in one way shape or form. Am I meant to be a school teacher then? To be honest I don't think so, but I'm guessing that the lessons life has taught me, I should pass on to others and teach what I learned to others besides my children.

The idea behind “outset mindset” was for me to give back, help others by sharing information that I found valuable. Information that changed my life and helped me for the best. Most of this information I learned at a later stage in life and I thought I could help people save time, days and years by just simply writing up short posts filled with good intentions, positive information,sprinkled with some financial literacy. Even though I have been doing that for several months, I thought I should start sharing more about my personal journey, in hopes that someone out there can gain true value, and be blessed by my stories. So here goes one.

I grew up in the 80s in the Bronx in NYC in a neighborhood run by drugs but we still made it work to have a decent “playing outside childhood”. Honestly, I don’t remember meeting my biological father till I was about 5 years old, but I do have a clear memory of my step Dad telling me “ that's it, no more bottle, you’re a big boy now and you drink from a cup” I was 3 years old. I do remember understanding as I got older that even though we didn’t share the same blood in our veins, he was my Dad, and even though I hated being disciplined by being grounded, today I am so grateful for my upbringing.

After my parents split up in the summer of 89, my Mom and my 2 siblings at the time and I moved to Puerto Rico to start a new life. Aside from all the ambiance, weather and cultural differences I had to adjust to, I quickly felt the lack of and the importance of having a father figure in the house. I missed having a Dad to talk to, ask questions, have fun taking fun trips on summer weekends and things of the like. Eventually my parents both had established relationships with other people but I never connected with the man that lived with us or the woman my Dad lived with in New York. As a young teen I began imitating the nonsense I saw in the streets, thinking I was grown, wanting to make my own money with the looming thought that I would not make it past the age of 25.

Even as I did things that were not very smart ( I know this now)I had clear in my mind as I went deeper into the so-called “street life” that I didn’t want to turn out like my biological father. Through the years I had tried to make a connection with him and learned of his addictions, his struggles, his health battles, and even though he turned his life around and is doing well for himself he was simply not a good father. With all that in mind, I began thinking twice about going deeper into the streets and falling into addictions I would have to battle to get out of. I understood the value of learning lessons from others' mistakes, and using that to avoid future headaches. This might sound obvious to some of you, but the truth is that I have come across so many people that just aren't aware of the path they walk, as if they were blindfolded while they repeat the sins of their parents and those who came before them.

As an adult I pay attention to patterns, to actions and consequences from those around me, I try to analyze and extract the lesson to be learned so that I have better understanding on how to carry myself if I were to be in a similar position and or situation. Yes I know that not everyone has the same results as in the things they do, but as Tony Robbins often says; “success leaves clues” and I prefer to follow those who have had positive outcomes, and learn what not to do from the ones that have had negative ones. Life isn't easy, but it's worth living to the fullest, and if you can avoid unfavorable circumstances by learning from the mistakes of others, then what is there to ponder on? And for those in entrepreneurship and business, let's be clear, we all have to take risks, and sometimes what did not work for others might work for you. But again, pay attention to the patterns, and the mistakes made so that you might not commit the same ones.

One more thing before I go, if you enjoy this type of content, please feel free to comment, share and drop us an email at Have blessed day everyone.


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